Preparing For Your Visit

Preparing for Your First Allergist Appointment

When you first visit our offices, one of our allergists will discuss with you your allergy-related symptoms and medical history. He will then use a series of tests to determine if you are allergic to any substances and what those substances are. In addition to checking for allergies, he will also determine if you have asthma. For us to provide better care and education to you, please prepare yourself for your appointment and be ready to ask important questions.

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Our allergists use two types of tests to determine if you have allergies: the skin test and the blood test.

Skin test: The skin test allows us to introduce allergens directly into your skin through a small puncture or abrasion. If, within 15 minutes, the skin around the small prick or scratch is red or shows signs of swelling, then you are indeed allergic to that substance. Our allergist might also decide to do an Intradermal Skin Test to get a more in depth analysis. It is very similar to the standard skin prick except the allergen is injected underneath the skin with a syringe.

Blood test: If you have a skin condition or are taking a medication that makes the skin test impossible, then we will administer a blood test. Our allergist will examine your blood for the presence of certain antibodies that will signal you have allergies.

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